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Re: Vitamin S (to Michael L.) addendum

Posted by Michael L on 4/26/06
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    On 4/26/06, Dawn wrote:
    > I am somewhat new to the chatboards as I have posted only a few times. I
    > have heard of the spirulina before but don't know where to buy it or in
    > what form to buy it in.

    I use the Quickon Spirulina. It is an imported Spirulina and is distributed
    by the Sun Seed Company. I usually pick it up at a bird fair.
    Any brand of Spirulina would be fine to use and it can be for human use also
    as there is no difference in the product.
    You would want the powder form opposed to the tablets.
    Spirulina is extremely concentrated so a little goes a long way. It has a
    long shelf life, also.
    I mix mine in with fresh vegetable/bean/grain mix as well as my egg food.
    I also use it in my hand feeding formula with the babies.
    It is very nutritionally dense and extremely high in protein as well as
    minerals and amino acids.
    Check on line to buy it or I'm sure you could find it at health food stores
    in your area.

    Michael L