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Re: Wing Extensions?

Posted by Kel on 4/10/06
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    Well said MKay.

    On 4/06/06, MKay wrote:
    > Absurd. Reckless. That's what comes to mind when I think
    > that someone actually would affix feathers onto a clipped bird
    > so that it could immediately fly again. What if this bird is
    > accustomed to it's clipped wings, and flaps to exercise but is
    > surprisingly whisked away by the new, suddenly full wings?
    > Can you imagine the danger this would subject them to? Walls
    > and ceilings and SMACK - SMASH before they knew it!
    > I am sickened by the thought I had of some of the posters here
    > that are over-the-top-hell-bent on rescuing our "mutilated"
    > parrots and "fixing" them by using some pet-safe adhesive to
    > give them new wings. Self-proclaimed "saviors of the
    > butchered birds" with their glue-guns in hand... can ya just
    > see it?!
    > You know, feathers don't take that long to grow back. If
    > someone obtains a bird that is clipped, the wings need to grow
    > back naturally, so that the bird can adapt to those wings in
    > proper time. It's not too unimaginable that the birds might
    > just want to tear those new, foreign feathers off of their
    > body, and damage their own natural feathers and shaft in the
    > process, even severing blood feathers.. just a bad idea, in my
    > humble opinion.
    > On 4/05/06, Dave wrote:
    >> On 4/05/06, Lydia wrote:
    >>> I saw a show filmed in the UK where they gave a parrot wing
    >>> feather extensions because his wings were clipped. They
    >>> took a full feather and glued it into the cut feather
    >>> shafts so that the bird could fly again. I had never heard
    >>> of this before... is it normally practiced in the US and
    >>> Canada? For those of you who know about it... how do you
    >>> feel about the safety of this procedure? I was just
    >>> wondering because I would be willing to give molted wing
    >>> feathers from my Grey and Amazon to my vet, who knows that
    >>> the birds are healthy and disease free, if she is willing
    >>> to take them (if she even does this procedure). But before
    >>> bringing this up with my vet, I would like to learn more
    >>> about this procedure (as base knowledge) from people who
    >>> know about it or have used it, since they are not out to
    >>> make a buck (not to say that my vet is) and my vet is very
    >>> for flight (so, if she performs it she might be more
    >>> inclined to be for it so the bird can fly right away). Is
    >>> it safe? Is it (in certain situations) worth putting a
    >>> bird under to perform the procedure? Are adverse reactions
    >>> common... what is the severity and nature of these
    >>> reactions? What birds are candidates for this procedure?
    >>> Birds that have certain problems where imidiate flight
    >>> would benefit them... or just any bird who's owner wants it
    >>> to fly right away? Just curious... Feather Extensions...
    >>> never heard of it. Do you know of any sites with good
    >>> informaion on this... sites that are as un-biased as
    >>> possible. Stating the facts on the procedure itself and
    >>> not "why bird should fly" (or why they should not). Have
    >>> you ever heard of something going very wrong with a bird
    >>> that had wing extensions? Is it common for them to come
    >>> loose, possibly while the bird is in flight, and throwing
    >>> the bird off balance? I really don't know what to think of
    >>> this, seeing as I don't know anything about it. I just
    >>> don't want to ask the vet if she wants my feathers if this
    >>> procedure usually ends up doing more harm then good. I
    >>> don't even know where the feathers used come from... and
    >>> therefore... if I would be seen as a total idiot offering
    >>> mine.
    >>> (Please don't use this post to start another "to clip or
    >>> not" war. Though I have flighted birds, I am not pushing
    >>> my decision. I simply wish for some insight regarding this
    >>> procedure's safety and the grounds on which it is
    >>> performed...)
    >> Wow!!!!! So many questions but guess what, I have the answer
    >> to your main question """"""""is it normally practiced in
    >> the US and Canada?""""""" and this will help with all of
    >> your other questions. No. it's not practiced here. ---Dave