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Re: Wing Extensions?

Posted by Lydia on 4/11/06
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    That's why I asked what grounds they are preformed on. Because
    simply to make a clipped bird fly right away is rediculous and it
    would be totally unfair to put an animal under just for this

    For wild birds it would make more sense.

    I thought that maybe they did this to be able to fix extreme hack
    jobs that lead to inguries, so that with a full wing they can
    tailor a safer clip or something. Because, as was stated, it is
    reckless to have a clipped bird gain full flight over night.

    So, is the whole reason behind this as simple as "making the bird
    fly right away"? If this is so, what are these people in the UK
    thinking? Putting the bird through so much even though he is safe
    because they can't wait for a molt. I was hoping their was a more
    medical reason, such as adjusting an extreme clip that resulted in,
    say, a split breast or something (where the bird might even have to
    be put under to tend to his inguries, and this procedure being
    preformed at the same time).

    Why are they doing their this to their birds just so they can fly?
    I just don't understand their reasoning. They want the bird to fly
    because they feel that clipping is (in their words, not
    mine) "barbaric", and yet they are resorting to this this (which I
    feel is just as barbaric- putting an animal under without a medical
    reason) to correct it. I should have seen it right away, that it
    was plain and simply to make the bird fly right away. I guess I
    was just hoping that it had some medical basis like being able to
    tailor a safer clip to a bird that was ingured due to a severe
    clip. I guess I didn't want to believe that they would do this
    simply due to their opinions.

    That is why I was wondering about giving feathers. If it was
    preformed for a legitamite reason, like to protect a bird from
    further inguring itself. This could not be accomplished by
    rendering a flightless bird flighted overnight, but rather by
    having the chance to give a more suitable clip while the bird is
    already under for treatment of injuries.

    It's pretty sad when a bird has to go through this because of its
    owners opinions. I never want to see the stats of how many of
    these poor birds passed on under anesthetic just because their
    owners felt that they should fly. So sad, these people in the UK
    should be focussing their money, time and efforts on something else.

    I didn't want to bash it before I knew what it was about, but from
    your responses I gather that it has no medical basis and is simply
    there to accomodate human arrogance. Sick.