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Re: Snake

Posted by MKay on 4/17/06
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    I found this at the Dept for Game and Fisheries website..

    "Snakes will stay in an area only if appropriate food and
    shelter are present. If you eliminate these, snakes will
    leave. Thus, if you wish to discourage snakes from inhabiting
    your yard, try the following:

    1) Regularly mow your lawn short.
    2) Eliminate hiding places for mice, rats, and other small
    animals that would be food for snakes.
    3) Remove snake shelter such as brush piles, thickets, and
    4) Reduce low shrubs where snakes can ambush their prey.
    5) Do not leave out birdseed and pet food that attract prey
    for snakes.

    There is no government-approved chemical that will deter all
    snakes from your yard. Products sold in stores primarily
    contain sulfur, which washes away quickly and only deters a
    few nonvenomous snakes. The only truly effective way to keep
    snakes out of your yard is to encircle the entire area with a
    solid four to five-foot fence made of slick material, buried a
    foot in the ground. "

    On another note, to deter slugs from our yard, we sprinkle
    egg shells and salt. Salt will kill slugs; I don't know if it
    is uncomfortable for snakes, but I wonder if there is
    something you can cover the floor of your aviary with that
    will be a hinderance for the snakes to slither over? Eggshells
    work very well for the slugs. They cannot maneuver well while
    getting pricked by the unstable and pointy shells.