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Re: Snake

Posted by Rowena on 4/19/06
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    On 4/17/06, MKay wrote:
    > I found this at the Dept for Game and Fisheries website..
    > "Snakes will stay in an area only if appropriate food and
    > shelter are present. If you eliminate these, snakes will
    > leave. Thus, if you wish to discourage snakes from inhabiting
    > your yard, try the following:
    Actually, the chicken idea is a good one. I used to raise layers
    and fryers. Rats and mice were attracted to the chicken feed,
    and thus snakes followed. I found that chickens are actually
    carnivorous (sp?). They would eat any nest of baby mice or rats
    they could find, and if they found a snake, oh my gosh! It was
    like they had gone pyscho!! They would gang up on it and
    actually fight each other to get at it. After about 3 months, I
    didn't have any bugs, rodents or snakes in the barn at all!!

    If you have the room to let a rooster and two or three hens run
    about outside your aviary, it's definitely a good idea and safer
    then chemicals to boot.