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Re: Snake

Posted by Kitty.J on 4/25/06
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    On 4/19/06, Rowena wrote:
    > On 4/17/06, MKay wrote:
    >> I found this at the Dept for Game and Fisheries website..
    >> "Snakes will stay in an area only if appropriate food and
    >> shelter are present. If you eliminate these, snakes will
    >> leave. Thus, if you wish to discourage snakes from inhabiting
    >> your yard, try the following:
    > Actually, the chicken idea is a good one. I used to raise
    > and fryers. Rats and mice were attracted to the chicken feed,
    > and thus snakes followed. I found that chickens are actually
    > carnivorous (sp?). They would eat any nest of baby mice or rats
    > they could find, and if they found a snake, oh my gosh! It was
    > like they had gone pyscho!! They would gang up on it and
    > actually fight each other to get at it. After about 3 months, I
    > didn't have any bugs, rodents or snakes in the barn at all!!
    > If you have the room to let a rooster and two or three hens run
    > about outside your aviary, it's definitely a good idea and safer
    > then chemicals to boot.

    But would it be a good idea to put a chicken in an area where a
    snake is that you do not know the species of? The US (if your
    talking about here) has a few types of venomous snake is hear and
    one of them can be that snake, be careful. I also hear that
    Gardener snakes do not eat birds but I would not know. Also if you
    wish to have no more snakes in your aviary find where that snake
    got into it and eliminate the place and snake begone! Well good