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Re: Mazuri Pellets question

Posted by Elizabeth on 5/10/06
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    On 5/09/06, Andie wrote:
    > I have recently changed from Zupreem to Mazuri pellets but
    > am running in to a problem. They only make a large and
    > small hookbill sized pellets. The small is tiny, our
    > finches can eat it, and the large is kinda big, about 1/4"
    > in diameter. I know some of you feed Mazuri and was
    > wondering what you feed the medium sized birds like the
    > quakers. I was thinking they could probably eat the
    > and the lovies could eat the small, but wanted some more
    > feedback before I bought a bag of the large.
    > Thanks,
    > Andie

    Um...I don't feed this pellet but I would think you could
    smoosh them into smaller than the large but bigger than a
    small. Either a blender should work set to the highest
    setting at first as a test to how small you want the
    pieces....Just a thought. :-)
    Have a nice day~!