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Post: Toe Tapping Ekkie

Posted by Sarah on 5/24/06

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    What a week for Gypsy! I bought roudybush (the small ones
    shaped like little tiny rabbit pellets). And two different
    kinds of pellets with no color added. I was worried about
    the colored Zupreem & pretty bird even tho that's what
    I've been buying. Gypsy started coughing one night & my
    dogs went crazy. She was ok. But in the morning, she
    coughed twice & never spoke a word. She goes thro a whole
    routine in the morning with my Macaw - hi baby, hey pretty
    girl....not one word! So I took her to work with me.
    Watched her all day. She was fine. (Gypsy always dips her
    food in her water bowl before she eats it. I change her
    water 3X a day). Won't touch water bottle. I've been
    feeding her a soft food diet w lots of soft veggies & soft
    fruit - hard boiled egg - since her "episode". I slowly
    introduced her seed & pellets again after her choking bit.
    She's been fine. Yesterday, I brought her out on the porch
    when I got home from work. She had a string tangled around
    her foot from her cage cover. I got it off, no problem, no
    harm done - it just happened yesterday & could not have
    been on her foot long at all. There's nothing - no
    swelling, bleeding, she puts weight on it. I woke up last
    night to her making funny noises in her cage. I came down
    to find her "toe tapping" on her perch. She's still doing
    it today. (She just had a complete exam about two months
    ago). She's only tapping one foot & I'm too stupid to
    remember if it was the one w the string. No damage done, I
    thought. She keeps flexing only the one foot constantly. I
    feel so bad, it has to keep her awake. She's acting
    completely normal otherwise - playing, talking, eating.
    Just tapping or flexing that one foot constantly. I read
    in one of my Birdtalk magazines that toe tapping is caused
    by excess vitamins & can go away. I tried to be so
    careful, watching her vitamin A & giving lots of fruits &
    veggies. She loves every veggie there is & any fruit;
    unlike my picky Macaw who will say "no" and throw her
    least fav foods. Gypsy never choked on her food before
    till I gave her these pellets & the roudybush. I haven't
    given her any of the non colored pellets I bought since
    she choked. I was worried about the coloring, that's why I
    switched. My Macaw loves the "grape shaped purple ones".
    And she's bad as ever! :) Now I have NO IDEA what to feed
    my Ekkie! Is this toe tapping - what she's doing with her
    one foot? She's acting totally normal otherwise. (I
    thought I had a really lousy week), I feel soooo bad for
    her. She's such a baby doll. It's been one thing after
    another this week for her. But she's playing, talking,
    acting completely normal. We were soooo happy to hear her
    morning routine again! I can get her to a vet no problem.
    I just don't want to stress her if I don't have to. Any
    ideas? Thanks so much for listening. She's my baby.

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