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Re: Determining Hwamei's age and correct cage size

Posted by Kitty.j on 8/18/06
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    On 5/26/06, Francine Martin wrote:
    > A hwamei recently flew into our yard. We've put it in a
    > tall cage, but all the local hwamei are in small square
    > cages. Is there a reason they're in such small cages?
    > Also our bird has no tail feathers. Is it a young bird or
    > could it be moulting?
    > Many thanks.

    umm.. is it a wild bird? where do you live?
    Any wild bird or bird that was outside will/may have
    parasites from being aorund other outside birds and animals.
    I dont believe in small cages for any type of animal. A cage
    that allows her to fly enoug h(at the least a 30 inch cage)
    should suit her.. btu I doubt your suppose to keep a bird
    like her alone.. she/he may need company if your allowed to
    keep the species of bird... and it may mor eliekly be a
    fledgling because it has no tail.. and baby birds have very
    very shorts tails, and birds who escapes their captors
    usually leave feather in the hand of the person or cat
    (because people and cats usually go for the tail and the
    fetahers get left behind)