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Post: need help

Posted by Peanut on 5/31/06

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    I have military 8yrs and blue gold 3yrs that were sold to
    me as males both are laying eggs witch has breeder with my
    scarlet macaw 8yrs all have been together from day they
    were brought home this is first time for eggs
    i have had nesting boxes built for them seperate for each
    they all remain in same avitary
    the blue and gold is sitting on eggs the miltary is not
    with all the info i can find their breeding season
    is from jan to march mine start laying at easter
    i have no idea hoe to take care eggs and hard find any info
    on incubating eggs so far i have lost 7 eggs with to
    remaing with blue and gold
    does male have feritlize each eggs should i separate the
    bidrs help
    need help quickly

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