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Re: crop impaction HELP !

Posted by Jessica on 6/13/06
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    An avian vet is a must! Try to encourage your friend to get
    the baby to a vet ASAP.

    If the impaction is caused by the formula being fed too
    thick (and not some other object like bedding material),
    then give the baby a small amount of warm water in the same
    manner that your friend handfeeds. Then gently massage the
    crop to try to help break up the blockage. If created by
    thick formula, the warm water should dissolve it some (just
    like during preparation of the formula) and help the baby
    digest it better.

    If the impaction is caused by a foreign object, then the
    safest thing to do is have an avian vet see if they can
    remove it for you.

    Hope all goes well with this poor little guy! Please let us
    know the outcome.

    On 6/12/06, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > Friend has 5 day old cockatiel, with crop impaction ! HELP
    > what can we do to save this little guy??