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Re: Comfrey

Posted by Dave on 6/14/06
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    On 6/13/06, Becky wrote:
    > Does anyone know if I can feed comfrey to my birds. I have
    > a small planting that I use in salads for us but I don't
    > know if I can give to my birds.

    Comfrey herb and leaf contain rosmarinic acid, which helps
    decrease inflammation and helps heal blood-vessel injuries in
    the lungs of human beings so it's a form of chemical
    medicine. Comfrey products are made from the leaves or other
    parts of the plant grown above the ground. They can also be
    made from the roots, but root preparations are more likely to
    cause poisoning. The roots of all comfrey plants contain 10
    times as much poisonous compound as the leaves. I wouldn't
    take a chance and feed it to animals

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