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Re: parrot mites

Posted by mark on 6/16/06
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    Hi Ray what kind of mite are you talking about. feather
    mites ,body mites. You can use Sevin dust. Its for plants
    and you can buy it the garden section of some stores.Ive
    used it on chickens and pigions.Dust under the wings,like
    the arm pit and under the base of the tail. Rub it in a
    little. Clean cages well.These mites come from dirty
    cages.You may want to repeat in a couple weeks but once
    should be anought.Oh I would do all your birds even if some
    dont show the mites. mark

    On 6/15/06, ray wrote:
    > my indian ring nect has mites i bought mite spray at pet
    > smart. but she is not getting better. i do not know what
    > do and i think my love bird and paraketts are getting them
    > too