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Re: parrot mites

Posted by Dave on 6/16/06
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    On 6/16/06, KarenW wrote:
    > What you do is take your bird to an avian vet. What you
    > think might be mites may be something else. Do not use Sevin
    > dust ... geez I can't believe anyone would even suggest
    > that ...
    > Here's an interesting article on feather problems that might
    > give you a little more information.
    > Again, take the bird to a vet.

    Hey Mark-- what kind of idiotic insane advice is that??? What
    makes you think that exotic parrots are the same as pigeons and
    chickens. They live in filth all day, every day and build up an
    immunity to many different diseases. They carry diseases. They
    can put up with pesticide chemicals. Parrots can't. Suggesting
    insect repellents to someone who's got a parrot that has some
    form of feather problem or skin problem such as mites is
    ridiculous and very irresponsible on your part. Some people
    might believe that crap and actually try to do that. Listen
    Ray, do as Karen told you to do. Check out that link she
    posted. It'll give you a variety of things you need to know and
    it'll also tell you how dangerous pesticides are-----Dave

    > On 6/15/06, ray wrote:
    >> my indian ring nect has mites i bought mite spray at pet
    >> smart. but she is not getting better. i do not know what
    > to
    >> do and i think my love bird and paraketts are getting them
    >> too