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Re: dave and Karen/Are you sure Mark?

Posted by Kitty.J on 7/09/06
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    On 6/18/06, Jan. wrote:
    > On 6/18/06, mark wrote:
    >> Dave and Karen You guys dont know what you are
    >> talking about. You need to go to school . Sevin is the
    >> same thing as poultry dusting powder. Vets use it to .I
    >> know because my wife is a Vet and we have had parrots for
    >> thirty some years.Its like putting fea powder on a dog or
    >> a cat. Why cant you to try to be more nice to people ,
    >> because you dont know it all Mark
    > I would be very scared I would kill all my birds
    > if I used that stuff on them.
    > I would have thought a Vet. your wife Mark? would know
    > this could be dangerous? What if people put a real lot on
    > small bird? and it inhaled it regardless of it going through
    > their skin in a large dose?

    Cant put that stuff on birds. Nope.. bad for them. Should have
    it professionally done. Your wife is just a vet.. not an
    exoticvet i see so she wouldn't know...