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Re: Zebra finches

Posted by Kitty.J on 7/09/06
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    On 6/20/06, zzzz wrote:
    > On 6/20/06, Ivan wrote:
    >> My zebra finches had eggs and they hatched 5 baby but they
    >> are not feeding them What can I do?
    > finches hatch one day apart. you say that you have five.
    > the parents are feeding them or they would be dead by now.
    > no finch baby can go five days without food and live.
    > make sure they have soft egg food and leave them alone.

    Not always true. They are not like parrots. They will hatch
    maybe 2 every day. My birds started to incubate their eggs
    after 3 days that is after 3 eggs ofcourse and that mean 3
    babies hatch one day and the other two will hatch in a day or
    two... only a day or so apart...