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Re: Society finches and Zebra finches

Posted by Kitty.J on 7/09/06
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    On 6/20/06, Ivan wrote:
    > On 6/20/06, zzzz wrote:
    >> On 6/20/06, Ivan wrote:
    >>> I have tried to get a pair of society finches but I always
    >>> get males and no females so I sell them and try again but
    >>> this time I still got two males but one will sing and
    >>> dance and try to mount a female Zebra finch they started
    >>> to sleep in the same nest and do other things together is
    >>> it posible that they will breed.
    >> kitty is that you?
    > No it not Kitty Its Ivan

    Im kittyj. I know my zebras and society finches thank you. I
    would never let two diff. species breed with one another unless
    the other is on the brink of extinction and it has no other
    mate... If ya dont believe me chekc IPs... but whatever...

    Ivan. Yes they may breed but dont let that happen. They'll be
    sterile babies and you wont be able to sell them. A lot of times
    when you cross species the babies will be borned formed and die.
    And many other times The eggs will not hatch... I owuldn't
    attempt to breed diff. species of birds unless you are an expert
    breeder and know what your doing. Also if you are having
    problems getting a female society finch just go to the pet store
    and sit by the society finches cage for about an hour and in
    that hour's time all the "real" males shoul've sung by now.
    Thats what I had to do. And I got a chestnut pied society finch
    for my white society finch. Goodluck