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Re: Zebra Finches

Posted by Kitty.J on 7/09/06
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    On 6/20/06, Claudia wrote:
    > My pair of zebra finches have babies what color might the
    > babies be if the mom is pied and the dad is Chestnut-
    > flanked white I ask this because someone told me the
    > combination would result in bad colored birds.

    SOunds like the babies may come out pied? It matter what the
    parent-parents colors were too. But souns like yo umay get
    pied and CFW's. But may be wrong. But breeding pied with
    white usually gets you more pieds. I dont like breeidng pied
    finches because if they go to a pet store not many people
    like pied finches... The pieds are always left behind...