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Re: Bald spots

Posted by Good Answer on 6/30/06
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    On 6/30/06, Adrian wrote:
    > My new lovebird has semetrical bald spots. One on each
    > wing. It also seem as if she is missing a few feathers on
    > her chest and back of her head. It doesnt look that bad.
    > A friend was with me when i perchased her and she said
    > that it was just molting because birds molt semetricaly.
    > Even thou it shouldnt have bald spots, this was probably
    > just a sign of poor nutition. My firend assured me that
    > with a proper diet these small bald patches would fill
    > right in. It has been over a month now and my lovebird
    > looks the same as she did when i bought her. Ive been
    > looking for as much info on the net as i could but havent
    > found any helpfull info yet. except this
    > Ionic Silver Care™ is comprised of negatively charged
    > ionized silver atoms electrically suspended in structured
    > pure water. In this mono-atomic negatively charged state,
    > isolated silver ions are known to cleanse the anatomical
    > system of harmful bacteria in reptiles and birds
    > associated with respiratory infections, BALD SPOTS,and
    > more.

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