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Re: Need information about parrot egg hatching !

Posted by Melissas mom on 7/27/06
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    On 7/27/06, Melissa Fitzgerald wrote:
    > Hello all
    > please help me it's been a dream of mine when I was a
    > child until now to have a parrot (pink cockatoo, macaw
    > etc..)
    > but I dont know about about hatching eggs please send me
    > anything or e-mail me and lets chat
    > thanks again
    > melissa

    Why do you need to know how to hatch eggs? I hope you are
    not planning on buying an egg to hatch. Cuz you WILL lose
    your money to the scammer or if you buy an egg from a
    legitimate source it surely will die. You have no
    experience to raise a bird from an egg.