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Re: Need information about parrot egg hatching !

Posted by melissa fitzgerald on 8/20/06
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    Thanks Kitty
    I'm not looking on line anymore ....everything I seem to like
    or want off here seems to be a scam. got ripped 2 times now
    and I am giving up ...I dont have alot of money and really
    want to have a larger bird pink cockatoo really but I have
    alot of love for ant love birds. but to many scammers out
    there and I don't trust anyone now !

    thanks again have a good day !

    On 8/18/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 7/27/06, Melissa Fitzgerald wrote:
    >> Hello all
    >> please help me it's been a dream of mine when I was a
    >> child until now to have a parrot (pink cockatoo, macaw
    >> etc..)
    >> but I dont know about about hatching eggs please send me
    >> anything or e-mail me and lets chat
    >> thanks again
    >> melissa
    > It was always a dream of mine also (which may never happen
    > because I have smaller birds that I love and charish because
    > they are my babies and children for ever!) And I have a
    > whole sotry behind why a cockatoo would be a favoured loved
    > pet, but.... thats off topic. I wish I could help but... you
    > wernt very specific on what you need help with, and I could
    > probably help you out with sites and etc if I knew more, but
    > plunty of people who are more experienced with cockatoos and
    > macaws will help you out :)