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Re: Need information about parrot egg hatching !

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/21/06
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    On 8/20/06, melissa fitzgerald wrote:
    > Thanks Kitty
    > I'm not looking on line anymore ....everything I seem to like
    > or want off here seems to be a scam. got ripped 2 times now
    > and I am giving up ...I dont have alot of money and really
    > want to have a larger bird pink cockatoo really but I have
    > alot of love for ant love birds. but to many scammers out
    > there and I don't trust anyone now !
    > thanks again have a good day !
    > On 8/18/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 7/27/06, Melissa Fitzgerald wrote:
    >>> Hello all
    >>> please help me it's been a dream of mine when I was a
    >>> child until now to have a parrot (pink cockatoo, macaw
    >>> etc..)
    >>> but I dont know about about hatching eggs please send me
    >>> anything or e-mail me and lets chat
    >>> thanks again
    >>> melissa
    >> It was always a dream of mine also (which may never happen
    >> because I have smaller birds that I love and charish because
    >> they are my babies and children for ever!) And I have a
    >> whole sotry behind why a cockatoo would be a favoured loved
    >> pet, but.... thats off topic. I wish I could help but... you
    >> wernt very specific on what you need help with, and I could
    >> probably help you out with sites and etc if I knew more, but
    >> plunty of people who are more experienced with cockatoos and
    >> macaws will help you out :)

    omg, you have to deal with scammers to? I hate them. They are
    sening my mom sooo many emails like this " You have won 1
    million dollars send 500 dollars so we can send it to you" type
    of things, o and of " your uncle william has died in a air plae
    crash with everyone else and your the next heir to his fortian"
    soo..... annoying.. and they send them like daily!!! I do not
    like scammers and they are sooo annoying. Mom just reports
    them.. then the mails become "delayed" because the government or
    osmeone is checkiing them out (so we believe) ... hackers..
    scammers.. all them should just go away... never believe anybody
    if they say "send me the money firs then you'll get what you
    want" all lies...