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Re: painting

Posted by SOnoma on 8/02/06
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    On 8/02/06, Julie wrote:
    > Is there a number on the can that
    > you can look for? I read on one of these boards something
    > a number?? Thanks!

    You can check the can for listed VOC's and read about those here:

    Best bet is to call the 800 number for the paint manufacturer
    and tell them how you wish to use the paint and just ask if it
    is recommended or not. It isn't that the birds will be chewing
    on the wall so much as the woodwork, so as Fran says, the child
    safe paint IS the best.

    Most of the danger lies in the VOC's emitted during the drying
    process. After that, the carrier (mostly water for latex paint)
    is gone and only the pigment remains, but it does contain rubber
    or plastic compounds.