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Re: Help with coffee filter toy Please

Posted by cindy a on 8/13/06
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    On 8/06/06, Sherry wrote:
    > On 8/06/06, Cindy A wrote:
    >> Does anyone have directions/ideas for coffee filter toys?
    > I
    >> saw a posting somewhere months ago but don't remember
    >> where. I would like to try making them for my Goffins Too
    >> and Pionus. Thanks,
    >> Cindy A
    > You probably seen the directions on yahoo's
    > group 'cheapparrottoysntips'. My goffins loves that! Let me
    > know if you can't find the directions and I'll send them to
    > you.

    Thanks so much. They have a yahoo group and a web site. It's
    cheepparoottoysntips. Now if I only had the time to make as
    many of the toys as I think my babies would like to try.
    Cindy A