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Re: i need some help breeding my parakeets/sonoma

Posted by Sonoma on 8/09/06
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    On 8/09/06, Lyndsey wrote:
    > Sonoma
    > I've just been bashed for my British sense of humour on the
    > parrots general forum by a person. But you seem to get it and I
    > have other american pals who get it. Whats so awful about my
    > British sense of humour? any clues?
    > P.S Do you like Monty Python?

    There is nothing awful about your sense of humour. The British sense
    of humour is known the world over as being the best. To understand
    British humour, one has has to do two things, be quick enough to
    grasp what is said and be able to correlate that to what is normal
    and see the absurdities as humourous.

    A perfect example is the fierce, dangerous rabbits from the Python
    movie. Now any reasonable, clear thinking person can instantly see
    the humour in grown men pretending to fear the wrath of a small
    bunny. It is just so absurd it is hilarious.

    Picking up on the sarcasm of asking for sponsors for your grey is a
    bit hard for the average person who just reads your post and either
    has not been following the conversation or just has no sense of
    humour at all.

    Lastly, many Americans are just ignorant on the subject. I happen to
    have several very dear friends in the UK and plan a trip there soon
    to meet them all. I have learned a ton of stuff about the UK that I
    find charming but your post was something anyone should have been
    able to understand.

    Python? Of course. I love them and have seen ever single episode of
    Fawlty Towers as well.

    For those that are reading this and are curious as to the charming
    bits of what I am speaking.....

    The term "Bedsit" in the UK means the same as a studio apartment in
    America. I find that charming because of the obvious realization
    that such an apartment (flat) is only big enough to sit not much
    more than a bed into there (especially in the UK).

    But then the opposite occurs as well. What the UK calls "diagonally
    opposite" we call "catty cornered."

    Just remember most Americans are dull and Bob's your Uncle. :)