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Re: i need some help breeding my parakeets/sonoma

Posted by Lyndsey on 8/10/06
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    On 8/09/06, Sonoma wrote:
    > On 8/09/06, Lyndsey wrote:
    >> Sonoma
    >> I've just been bashed for my British sense of humour on the
    >> parrots general forum by a person. But you seem to get it and I
    >> have other american pals who get it. Whats so awful about my
    >> British sense of humour? any clues?
    >> P.S Do you like Monty Python?
    > There is nothing awful about your sense of humour. The British sense
    > of humour is known the world over as being the best. To understand
    > British humour, one has has to do two things, be quick enough to
    > grasp what is said and be able to correlate that to what is normal
    > and see the absurdities as humourous.
    > A perfect example is the fierce, dangerous rabbits from the Python
    > movie. Now any reasonable, clear thinking person can instantly see
    > the humour in grown men pretending to fear the wrath of a small
    > bunny. It is just so absurd it is hilarious.
    > Picking up on the sarcasm of asking for sponsors for your grey is a
    > bit hard for the average person who just reads your post and either
    > has not been following the conversation or just has no sense of
    > humour at all.
    > Lastly, many Americans are just ignorant on the subject. I happen to
    > have several very dear friends in the UK and plan a trip there soon
    > to meet them all. I have learned a ton of stuff about the UK that I
    > find charming but your post was something anyone should have been
    > able to understand.
    > Python? Of course. I love them and have seen ever single episode of
    > Fawlty Towers as well.
    > For those that are reading this and are curious as to the charming
    > bits of what I am speaking.....
    > The term "Bedsit" in the UK means the same as a studio apartment in
    > America. I find that charming because of the obvious realization
    > that such an apartment (flat) is only big enough to sit not much
    > more than a bed into there (especially in the UK).
    > But then the opposite occurs as well. What the UK calls "diagonally
    > opposite" we call "catty cornered."
    > Just remember most Americans are dull and Bob's your Uncle. :)

    Ha Ha, that cheered me up! And the Monty Python bunny? the first time
    I saw that I was crying with laughter! And faulty towers? what can I
    say! hilarious! The war-dorf salad! ha ha ha

    You're right about the bedsit, it is really really small! I have a
    sofa bed so i can pretend its a living room during the day. I only
    have to leave one item of clothing on the floor and the flat looks
    like its been robbed!

    I'm a bit worried now that if I want to post a question on the african
    grey forum that people wont talk to me because of the sponser joke.
    Like you said, I think some people mistook the sarcasm as being really
    a really nasty dig. Especially as this was said-

    "Hilarious, ah, so witty, love that British humour, (NOT)

    People who take in problem birds do so to keep the bird from being
    further tortured
    TOO!!!!!!!!!!). "

    Thats way harsh! Its not that I dont care, t'was a little joke to
    lighten the mood. (why am I telling you? you agree with me:)

    Hopefully, my name wont get slandered as a troll or anything :)

    Have you seen the British version of "The Office" with Ricky Gervais?
    If your right about some Americans missing the humour then this one
    would really puzzle them!