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Re: losing feathers around the eye and beak

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/24/06
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    On 8/24/06, Denise wrote:
    > Hi- I am wondering if anyone has had this similar problem
    > with their bird. My bird is losing his feathers around his
    > eyes and beak. His behavior is the same. He doesnt appear
    > sick and his appitite is the same. Before I take him to
    > the vet I would like to know what this is. I thought he
    > was molting but these feathers have not grown back yet and
    > it has been a month!
    > I would apperciate any info.
    > Thanks.

    He may just be molting.. or could have mites. I would take
    him to the vet. Erlier this year someone who had a budgie
    had this happen.. it went on for a few weeks untill the
    birds illness was apparent. Remember birds will hide there
    sickness appearing normal like their other flock mates..
    untill its tooo late. When a bird shows that it is sick.. it
    is usually too late...