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Re: Indian Ringneck Wing Clipping

Posted by Alison on 8/26/06
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    On 8/26/06, Lindsay wrote:
    > I have a 15wk old Indian Ringneck. He has had his wings
    > clipped before I bought him. He is starting to be able to
    > fly so I know I need to do it. I understand how to clip
    > the wings but I dont know how the best way is to hold him.
    > We are just starting the bonding process. It has been a
    > battle and I dont want to take a step back. He will bite,
    > in the last 2-3 days he has started to stop biting and is
    > really coming around so I am afraid that he will hold a
    > grud against me. Please let me know the best way to hold
    > him in order to clip his wings.
    In my opinion, you should have someone else clip him so that
    he does not associate you with something that will be less
    than pleasurable. -Alison-