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Post: Inerited Ringneck Dove

Posted by Heather on 9/05/06

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    I inherited a ringneck dove and unfortunately have VERY
    LITTLE knowledge on the species or their care. Someone
    let two of them off in a parking lot - one flew in and one
    flew away. I couldn't see letting it into the wild as I
    knew that it wouldn't be able to survive in the elements
    as it is a domesticated bird and it is coming on the
    winter months. I sprayed him for lice and have a vet
    appointment next week but he seems to be losing his
    feathers - plucking them out if you will. I purchased him
    a cage (one recommended by one of the local pet stores)
    put in a few perches, a few toys and a mirror as I assume
    he will miss his mate. I thought the mirror might make
    him think he/she was still there. I am seeking any/all
    assistance I can get.

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