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Re: Do birds get healous?

Posted by Dave on 9/20/06
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    On 9/20/06, river wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I have a hand-reared Rainbow Lorrikeet (now 4years old),
    > which true to their nature is a chatty, active and most
    > amusing character. I have been offered a Princess
    > Alexandra parrot to hand raise & keep. However I am
    > wondering if this will upset the Lorri? Do birds get
    > jealous?
    > river

    Some birds get jealous and others don't. It's an individual
    thing. Lots of people that own jealous birds have no problems
    when getting another bird though. Simply continue to treat
    your established bird as the the *#1 bird* in the house. Feed
    first, give treats first, pet first. The new bird comiing in
    won't have any idea about being the #1 bird in the house
    because it's a new house with a new owner. Wait a while and
    after a time, let them socialize together to see how they
    take to each other. Some will like the other and some won't.
    When you bring your new bird home, keep the 2 birds in the
    same area but in separate cages and that'll allow them to get
    used to each other from the safety of their cages-----Dave