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Re: Do birds get healous?

Posted by Debbie on 9/21/06
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    Like Dave says its depends on the birds.I have a Timneh grey
    that we had bought about 10 years ago and he was out first big
    bird. We still have him and he is in the front room where he
    can see us but if he sees my husband or 2 sons touch or feed
    another bird something before him he gets pretty mad and lets
    them know by hitting a toy against the cage. Me, he knows I
    always have birds either handling them or feeding babies so he
    is ok with it. He has some of us trained very well. A few
    birds are jealous but every bird needs to be handled and they
    wait their turn. Wings here are clipped to keep them off of
    another ones cage. I do have one amazon that has been through
    many homes who we keep in a room by herself because its best
    for her (and her noise when she is around the other birds) she
    is very jealous of the other birds and so is our old amazon we
    have as he is very jealous of her but none of the others. Its
    crazy at times with 10 parrots in the house but it works just
    gotta see what works best for you as well as them. I would
    keep the birds away from each other for a while (just in case
    so you dont share a sickness with your first bird) then slowly
    see how it goes. Some people say wait 3 months but it depends
    on who you get the bird from too. Just becareful anytime you
    bring a new bird in for that reason.
    Good luck and enjoy your birds.

    On 9/20/06, Dave wrote:
    > On 9/20/06, river wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I have a hand-reared Rainbow Lorrikeet (now 4years old),
    >> which true to their nature is a chatty, active and most
    >> amusing character. I have been offered a Princess
    >> Alexandra parrot to hand raise & keep. However I am
    >> wondering if this will upset the Lorri? Do birds get
    >> jealous?
    >> river
    > Some birds get jealous and others don't. It's an individual
    > thing. Lots of people that own jealous birds have no
    > when getting another bird though. Simply continue to treat
    > your established bird as the the *#1 bird* in the house.
    > first, give treats first, pet first. The new bird comiing in
    > won't have any idea about being the #1 bird in the house
    > because it's a new house with a new owner. Wait a while and
    > after a time, let them socialize together to see how they
    > take to each other. Some will like the other and some won't.
    > When you bring your new bird home, keep the 2 birds in the
    > same area but in separate cages and that'll allow them to
    > used to each other from the safety of their cages-----Dave