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Re: cockatiel

Posted by Jo-Ann on 10/29/06
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    On 10/28/06, Irene wrote:
    > Hi, I am birdsitting a cockatiel for my sister whom is
    > leaving out of state in about a week. I love this bird (I
    > used to two of them a few years ago. My question is if
    > anyone can help me. This bird has a hygiene problem. It
    > kind of smells a little. Not a whole lot, just a little.
    > Is there anything I can do to eliminate the odor?

    Give him a bath! I bring mine into the shower with me and
    put her on the soap dish out of line of direct water flow.
    She gets the spray that bounces off me. You could also try
    using a spray bottle and mist him with it, a shallow pan of
    water like a pie pan, or even in the kitchen sink with the
    water on low.

    He might be hsitant at first if he is not used to it - but
    give him a few minutes. Mine starts enjoying her shower
    after she's in it for about 5 minutes - spreads her wings,
    bends over to get every drop! so cute!

    Good luck!