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Re: parrots and unvented heaters

Posted by kEna on 11/13/06
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    On 11/09/06, Stevie wrote:
    > I am interested in purchasing a Caique. My concern is
    > that I have an unvented gas fireplace as my only source of
    > heat in the winter. Does anyone know if this poses any
    > danger for the bird? Thanks

    The danger would come from any carbon dioxide I believe,
    that said you may wish to have someone come check it for
    your safety as well. We just had a wood burning stove put
    in - I know that you can have outside venting put in for
    pretty reasonable and it would carry any of the toxins out
    and away.

    You should be able to call a heating supply company and have
    them come check it out for free if you are intersted in
    putting in venting. If you don't I would suggest a alarm
    from walmart that measures the Carbon Dioxide in the air for
    you at the min.

    Not sure on the bird issue - if it is desinged to be vented
    I have no idea if it would be safe, seems scary to me
    personally. They do however make portable baseboard heat
    that plugs into a regular outlet that I have used
    safely....if you are interested in that info I will email it
    to you - they are under 40 dollars each and are cheap to run.

    best wishes!