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Post: Certified Avian Vet

Posted by Charlie on 11/12/06

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    I'm sure this will ruffle a few feathers, no pun intended,
    but I have to say it anyway.
    I am, quite frankly, sick of reading from those on high,
    how I should ONLY use a CERTIFIED AVIAN VET for the care of
    my bird.
    For those that do not live in states such as California,
    Florida and a few other states, where CAV's are a dime a
    dozen, try to understand that some of us live in places
    where we do not have the luxury of being able to see one of
    your personal "gods".
    We have to use common, everyday Avian Vets that I guess
    just didn't care enough to pursue a higher degree.
    Yet my birds are, in my opinion, cared for with the same
    degree of expertise, compassion and knowledge (possibly
    more?) as those of you who tell me that I'm only receiving
    second-rate care.
    It is a personal affront to me and others that certainly
    attempt to provide the very best that it available to us in
    our areas.
    Please spare me the lecture on how I should be willing to
    drive 8 hours each way to see someone "better". Some
    things just aren't possible or realistic.
    So I am asking that you think before you dole out your self-
    righteous platitudes and remember that there are others
    that DO receive the same level of care as the "privileged"
    but without the title or price.

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