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Re: Certified Avian Vet

Posted by Charlie on 11/12/06
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    Maybe I didn't phrase it correctly. Avian Vets are not the
    same as Board Certified Avian Vets. Big difference.
    There are quite a few Avian Vets, but very few that are board
    certified. One site said that in 2004, there were 106 CAV
    And I do believe board certified is what is usually recommended
    by a handful of people here. If any bird vet was considered
    appropriate, they would say "avian vet."

    On 11/12/06, wrote:
    > Sure some vets are good, some are better...some are awful.
    > Same with avian vets they just have much more additional
    > training to be able to call themselves avian vets. The
    > additional training helps them to know more about
    > parrots/birds - parrots are not covered much more than a
    > glance while they are being trained.
    > I live in Upstate NY where their are more cows then people
    > and their are still 3-4 in my area...more and More vets are
    > becoming avian vet certified and no, they really don't cost
    > that much more, if any.
    > If their is one close by I would personally go with a avian
    > vet, if their isn't their isn't and at least people are
    > seeking vet care. I always suggest an avian vet and as that
    > is the best person to see birds.
    > When I have heart surgery I want to see someone who
    > specializes in that, not just in general care. But if you
    > don't have one close enough you just don't.
    > On 11/12/06, Charlie wrote:
    >> I'm sure this will ruffle a few feathers, no pun intended,
    >> but I have to say it anyway.
    >> I am, quite frankly, sick of reading from those on high,
    >> how I should ONLY use a CERTIFIED AVIAN VET for the care
    > of
    >> my bird.
    >> For those that do not live in states such as California,
    >> Florida and a few other states, where CAV's are a dime a
    >> dozen, try to understand that some of us live in places
    >> where we do not have the luxury of being able to see one
    > of
    >> your personal "gods".
    >> We have to use common, everyday Avian Vets that I guess
    >> just didn't care enough to pursue a higher degree.
    >> Yet my birds are, in my opinion, cared for with the same
    >> degree of expertise, compassion and knowledge (possibly
    >> more?) as those of you who tell me that I'm only receiving
    >> second-rate care.
    >> It is a personal affront to me and others that certainly
    >> attempt to provide the very best that it available to us
    > in
    >> our areas.
    >> Please spare me the lecture on how I should be willing to
    >> drive 8 hours each way to see someone "better". Some
    >> things just aren't possible or realistic.
    >> So I am asking that you think before you dole out your
    > self-
    >> righteous platitudes and remember that there are others
    >> that DO receive the same level of care as the "privileged"
    >> but without the title or price.