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Re: Acrylic cages???

Posted by kEna on 11/13/06
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    On 11/12/06, Betsy wrote:
    > Hey everyone.. does anyone have any opinion on acrylic
    > cages? especcially for larger birds such as macaws? has
    > anyone used them?? pros?? cons??

    I do not like them personally...companies say it gives an
    unobstructed view of your bird. True, but the acrylic ages
    (discolor not matter what they say) and they *scratch*.

    Fine for smaller birds (conures and smaller) but macaws do
    not do well in them, most of the acrylic cages are able to
    be taken apart by a macaw.

    Buy a trusted known name in cages and not only will you get
    a better cage BUT they will last much longer. The other
    issue I have is some birds prefer to feel like the big bad
    dogs/cats are going to be kept out. Depending on your bird
    they may prefer seeing something between them and fido.

    You can always visit for more information as
    this issue pops up once and a while, you can search for the
    exact topic you are looking for as well.