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Re: African Grey info please

Posted by Donna Mi. on 1/15/07
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    First never let a bird on the shoulder thats rule number 1
    unless you know this bird well and can read his body language.
    Don't use the arm to hold him always let him step up on the
    hand and when he goes to bite the hand give your hand a
    little jerk so he becomes unstable perching and then give him
    a NO BITE command. Birds hate to perch on shakey perches so
    he will let go of your hand. Putting him back into the cage I
    would try distracting him with a treat or toy in one hand and
    slowly put him in. If he does this without biting give him
    the treat. As for food it's a hit or miss situation. You will
    probably buy several foods before you find the one he likes
    the most. Good Luck


    On 11/29/06, Carole wrote:
    >> I purchased a 2 year old African Grey 2 1/2 weeks ago.
    >> He's a great bird in many ways...talks a lot, self
    >> assured, friendly...but I am having a few issues. He
    >> loves to step up on my arm, but sometimes moves down and
    >> bites my hand. I know about exploratory bites, and he
    >> does do these, but then he will bite hard. I tell him NO
    >> very sternly, but he bites more. Also, he loves to be on
    >> my shoulder, but goes up by my head and gives me little
    >> nibbles on my neck, but then proceeds to hard bite my
    > ears
    >> and pull hair. I have started to wear a knit hat. He
    >> loves to have his head scratched and hangs upside down
    >> from my shoulder for me to do this, but then will start
    > to
    >> bite. The woman I purchased him from handeled him a lot.
    >> He loves to be out of his cage...but I have 4 dogs...and
    >> am only to have him out less than 2 hours a day. I do
    >> talk and interact with him often. When I put him back in
    >> his cage, he refuses to go and clings on to my shirts. I
    >> have to pry him off...which results in a few nasty
    > bites.
    >> I want to get off on the right track with him. I have
    >> tried to find someone on your live chat, but have never
    >> found anyone in the room to chat with. Also, I am
    > feeding
    >> him a parrot mix with lots of fruits and vegetables. How
    >> important is the Harrison food. I hate to order it and
    >> have him not like it.
    >> Thanks for your time.
    >> Carole