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Post: African Grey info please

Posted by Carole on 11/29/06

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    > I purchased a 2 year old African Grey 2 1/2 weeks ago.
    > He's a great bird in many ways...talks a lot, self
    > assured, friendly...but I am having a few issues. He
    > loves to step up on my arm, but sometimes moves down and
    > bites my hand. I know about exploratory bites, and he
    > does do these, but then he will bite hard. I tell him NO
    > very sternly, but he bites more. Also, he loves to be on
    > my shoulder, but goes up by my head and gives me little
    > nibbles on my neck, but then proceeds to hard bite my
    > and pull hair. I have started to wear a knit hat. He
    > loves to have his head scratched and hangs upside down
    > from my shoulder for me to do this, but then will start
    > bite. The woman I purchased him from handeled him a lot.
    > He loves to be out of his cage...but I have 4 dogs...and
    > am only to have him out less than 2 hours a day. I do
    > talk and interact with him often. When I put him back in
    > his cage, he refuses to go and clings on to my shirts. I
    > have to pry him off...which results in a few nasty
    > I want to get off on the right track with him. I have
    > tried to find someone on your live chat, but have never
    > found anyone in the room to chat with. Also, I am
    > him a parrot mix with lots of fruits and vegetables. How
    > important is the Harrison food. I hate to order it and
    > have him not like it.
    > Thanks for your time.
    > Carole

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