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Re: African Grey info please

Posted by Mindy on 4/21/07
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    On 11/29/06, Carole wrote:
    >> I purchased a 2 year old African Grey 2 1/2 weeks ago.
    >> He's a great bird in many ways...talks a lot, self
    >> assured, friendly...but I am having a few issues. He
    >> loves to step up on my arm, but sometimes moves down and
    >> bites my hand. I know about exploratory bites, and he
    >> does do these, but then he will bite hard. I tell him NO
    >> very sternly, but he bites more. Also, he loves to be on
    >> my shoulder, but goes up by my head and gives me little
    >> nibbles on my neck, but then proceeds to hard bite my
    > ears
    >> and pull hair. I have started to wear a knit hat. He
    >> loves to have his head scratched and hangs upside down
    >> from my shoulder for me to do this, but then will start
    > to
    >> bite. The woman I purchased him from handeled him a lot.
    >> He loves to be out of his cage...but I have 4 dogs...and
    >> am only to have him out less than 2 hours a day. I do
    >> talk and interact with him often. When I put him back in
    >> his cage, he refuses to go and clings on to my shirts. I
    >> have to pry him off...which results in a few nasty
    > bites.
    >> I want to get off on the right track with him. I have
    >> tried to find someone on your live chat, but have never
    >> found anyone in the room to chat with. Also, I am
    > feeding
    >> him a parrot mix with lots of fruits and vegetables. How
    >> important is the Harrison food. I hate to order it and
    >> have him not like it.
    >> Thanks for your time.
    >> Carole
    Hi. I would say you need to do some work with him to let him
    know your hands will not harm him. I purchased a video that
    may help although a bit pricey. It's called Taming, Training,
    and Tricks from I think you can also get
    it on Ebay for less. I also read that you should not have your
    bird on your shoulder but this was after my african grey had
    gotten used to it. I don't have him on my shoulder in
    situations where there are other distractions or people where
    he could be frightened and may react differently. Lately
    though he has tried to bite my ear a bit hard and I don't know
    why. What I have done in only one day, was to teach him was to
    play a kissing game instead. I usually will give him a raw
    sunflower seed if I tell him to kiss various parts of my face
    and only when I tell him. So when he started to bite my ear, I
    told him and pointed to my ear to give it a kiss and he will
    get a treat. He caught on right away and he does not bite my
    ear. He's only had 2 days of training so far but I think he
    has it down as long as we continue that trick.
    I have also just purchased all my birds, afrcan grey,
    cockatiels, and a budgie organic pellet food. I read that it
    would prolong their life span. I read and I don't know how
    truthful or factual it is but that most bird mixes contain
    some harmful ingredients. I got this email from the same place
    I bought the training Dvd about harmful ingredients and such
    and I did receive a free sample of organic bird food I can
    feed all my birds. My birds all loved it and anything that may
    increase and prolong their health and life I will definitely
    do. You can get it at the same site I mentioned above. Again,
    it is a bit pricey but not compared to the other organic
    pellets you get at the pet store. I would pay the same price.
    I did search out another site who has organic pellets
    available for half the cost which I haven't ordered yet, so
    you can find others less pricey. The seed mixes I only use as
    a treat for my birds, not as the main meal. There is also a
    cookbook for parrots called The Healthy Bird Cookbook I
    regularly use but I try to use mainly organic ingredients. I
    hope this helps.