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Re: Will these two birds get along???

Posted by Renna on 3/03/07
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    When one wants to save or rescue a bird, they do it and don't
    think about the consequences of their happy home.
    I really find it amazing that you would leave a bird in this
    situation knowing it isn't receiving proper care.
    You criticize this woman for not being a bird person. I think
    you might want to rethink your self-admiration as a bird person.
    A true lover of birds wouldn't have to think twice about bringing
    this bird home.
    Worse case scenario, if the bird didn't work out for you, you
    could rehabilitate it and then look to place the bird into a more
    suitable environment.
    That's what separates a true bird lover from those that profess
    that they are.

    > Dave,
    > Thank you for your quick response! I have seen the new bird.
    > It is a Nanday Conure. Very pretty. I have had a sun conure
    > before, so I know about conures. This one is not being kept
    > under the best circumstances - wrong perch size, food, etc. I
    > would love to "save" it, though I still question bringing this
    > bird into my happy home. BTW, this bird is very territorial
    > and took a good nip out of my hand - I did have it on my arm
    > within a few minutes. It has not been handled properly - this
    > woman is not a bird person and runs from it screaming "shut
    > up!" I am so on the fence about this. Any thoughts?
    > On 3/02/07, Dave wrote:
    >> On 3/02/07, Shirley wrote:
    >>> I have an African Grey, and my husband called me from work
    >>> this morning with startling news: honey, we're getting
    >>> another bird tomorrow! I couldn't believe it, especially
    >>> coming from him, but he says the bird, which is green with
    >>> a black head and purple front, was rescued by a coworker
    >>> who is not a bird person. (I know of the dangers of
    >>> taking on a rescued bird) Any ideas as to what kind of
    >>> bird this is? I do plan to quarentine, but after
    >>> everything checks out, how do I introduce this male
    >>> newcomer to my female Gracie? Or do I want to? Can two
    >>> birds get along? Will they bite each other? I have seen
    >>> pictures of more than one bird on the same perch. How do
    >>> you train birds of different breeds to get along? Any
    >>> advice from multiple bird owners would be greatly
    >>> appreciated!
    >>> Shirley
    >> There's lots of parrots with those colors so it's hard to
    >> identify right now. Quarantining the bird is the normal and
    >> right thing to do. I'm sure you want to introduce them to
    >> each other. Whether 2 birds will get along is a question
    >> that can't be answered with a definite yes or no because all
    >> parrots have different personalities. That would even apply
    >> to introducing another grey to Gracie. Maybe they will,
    >> maybe not. If they don't get along they'll bite each other.
    >> If they do get along they might still bite each other.
    >> Maybe, maybe not. All parrots bite each other at times.
    >> There's no way to *train* a bird to like another bird. Pics
    >> of birds on the same perch means that the birds get along
    >> with each other. People who do that have taken the time to
    >> find out whether those birds will sit shoulder to shoulder.
    >> The best way to see how each bird reacts to the other is
    >> simply to have 2 cages --one bird to a cage in the same room
    >> and then let them get used to the fact that there's another
    >> bird there. All of that takes time and you should take your
    >> time and not put time limits on things. Eventually, they can
    >> be let out to be together but you can't force the issue. At
    >> first, they should have separate playstands. If they don't
    >> get along, they'll need their own space so that they don't
    >> conflict with each other. That's when playstands are not
    >> next to each other. Loads of people here have many birds in
    >> the same house. That's also very normal. As far as what kind
    >> of bird it is, simply post pics of the bird or find pics of
    >> different parrots to compare to. Thousands of pics are
    >> available on the net.------Dave