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Re: Will these two birds get along???/Renna

Posted by Renna on 3/03/07
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    On 3/03/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 3/03/07, Renna wrote:
    >> When one wants to save or rescue a bird, they do it and don't
    >> think about the consequences of their happy home.
    >> I really find it amazing that you would leave a bird in this
    >> situation knowing it isn't receiving proper care.
    >> You criticize this woman for not being a bird person. I think
    >> you might want to rethink your self-admiration as a bird
    > person.
    >> A true lover of birds wouldn't have to think twice about
    > bringing
    >> this bird home.
    >> Worse case scenario, if the bird didn't work out for you, you
    >> could rehabilitate it and then look to place the bird into a
    > more
    >> suitable environment.
    >> That's what separates a true bird lover from those that profess
    >> that they are.
    > Renna
    > First of all, what you should do is to go back to the original
    > poster and reread it. Then, go back to your post, reread it and
    > see if matches up at all to what the person was talking about. The
    > person is asking questions in preparation for a new bird. She's
    > asking about birds being friends. The person who owned the bird
    > told this poster that she wasn't a bird person. Where in her post
    > is self admiration implied? Are you one of those people that pull
    > out a sentence/sentences, fixate on them and then twist it around
    > so that it matches up with ideas that you have in your mind which
    > you then spew out?
    > """"""A true lover of birds wouldn't have to think twice about
    > bringing this bird home."""""""
    > I've got news for you ...a true bird lover would be doing any bird
    > a huge favor by thinking twice about bringing that bird in the
    > house just to be absolutely sure.
    > So far, you haven't proven that you're a true bird lover but just
    > a person that likes to imagine the worst in a situation that
    > doesn't even exist and then vocally express your misplaced hate.---
    > Dave

    Thanks chubby, but I'll direct my comments to whom I please and you
    can keep your unsolicited interpretations to yourself.