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Re: Will these two birds get along???/Renna

Posted by Dave-NC on 3/04/07
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    >> I've got news for you ...a true bird lover would be doing any bird
    >> a huge favor by thinking twice about bringing that bird in the
    >> house just to be absolutely sure.
    >> So far, you haven't proven that you're a true bird lover but just
    >> a person that likes to imagine the worst in a situation that
    >> doesn't even exist and then vocally express your misplaced hate.---
    >> Dave
    > Thanks chubby, but I'll direct my comments to whom I please and you
    > can keep your unsolicited interpretations to yourself.
    Renna, sorry if this upsets you but Dave is right and this is a chat
    board and his comment to you was right! You are dead wrong on this.
    Anyone who doesn't think before they bring home a second bird is nuts!
    We all wish we could "save" them all but think before you leap.