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Re: Will these two birds get along???/Renna

Posted by Shirley on 3/05/07
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    Dave and Dave-NC,
    Thank you for the support. I never dreamed asking for information from
    a *caring* community would result in such a flame. The world is filled
    with people who run around doing things without thinking of the
    consequences, and it is up to the rest of us to fix things they screw
    up! (That is usually why we have birds that need rescued in the first

    We have the bird, Dudley, home now. We had to take everything out of
    his cage and replace it. He is quiet, but is eating and drinking well.
    He seems very sweet, as long as you don't put your hand in the cage :)
    Oh well, I'd be scared, too, if I had been relocated that many times.

    Thanks again, guys.

    On 3/04/07, Dave-NC wrote:
    >>> I've got news for you ...a true bird lover would be doing any bird
    >>> a huge favor by thinking twice about bringing that bird in the
    >>> house just to be absolutely sure.
    >>> So far, you haven't proven that you're a true bird lover but just
    >>> a person that likes to imagine the worst in a situation that
    >>> doesn't even exist and then vocally express your misplaced hate.---
    >>> Dave
    >> Thanks chubby, but I'll direct my comments to whom I please and you
    >> can keep your unsolicited interpretations to yourself.
    > Renna, sorry if this upsets you but Dave is right and this is a chat
    > board and his comment to you was right! You are dead wrong on this.
    > Anyone who doesn't think before they bring home a second bird is nuts!
    > We all wish we could "save" them all but think before you leap.