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Re: Will these two birds get along???/ Dear Shirley

Posted by Renna on 3/05/07
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    On 3/05/07, Shirley wrote:
    > Dave and Dave-NC,
    > Thank you for the support. I never dreamed asking for information from
    > a *caring* community would result in such a flame. The world is filled
    > with people who run around doing things without thinking of the
    > consequences, and it is up to the rest of us to fix things they screw
    > up! (That is usually why we have birds that need rescued in the first
    > place.)
    > We have the bird, Dudley, home now. We had to take everything out of
    > his cage and replace it. He is quiet, but is eating and drinking well.
    > He seems very sweet, as long as you don't put your hand in the cage :)
    > Oh well, I'd be scared, too, if I had been relocated that many times.
    > Thanks again, guys.
    > Shirley

    What's with this "we" crap? You have to "fix things?" "We have birds that
    need to be rescued?"
    You have one Grey and all of a sudden you're an authority and saving the
    world? Get real.
    I found it interesting that you "once" had a Sun Conure. I'm betting it
    didn't die, but was rehomed due to the noise level.
    And just in case you haven't done your homework, this Nanday is gonna give
    you a run for your money when it comes into it's own and feels comfortable
    living with you. But what it doesn't know is that he'll be shipped out
    when your "happy home" is upset with noise level that I'm guessing, you
    just can't abide.