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Re: Will these two birds get along???/ Dear Shirley

Posted by Shirley on 3/06/07
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    Thanks so much, Pamela,
    What could fill someone with so much hate toward someone they don't even know?

    By the way, our sun conure, Lucy, died after several visits to an Avian vet.
    I held her that morning. We did an autopsy, wanting to know what could cause
    a young, healthy bird to take a turn like that for no reason. Results showed
    she had a bad heart. Our family was so saddened by the experience, the kids
    refused another sun conure because they didn't want to replace Lucy.

    Dudley has begun to vocalize, but for the most part sits quietly in his cage.
    My main concern is changing his food from all seeds to a pellet diet. We have
    a mix now, but he sure doesn't want the pellets. Any advice?


    On 3/05/07, Pamela wrote:

    > Don't listen to Renna, you and your husband have done a wonderful thing
    > Shirley.
    > All 3 of my parrots were rescues, and it's people like you that do give
    > these birds a second chance. Somethings no matter how hard we tried or how
    > long we work at it the bird is never happy with you. I have been helping
    > rehome parrots for many years. Some need help learning to trust again and I
    > have several wonderful happy endings that I am very proud to have been a
    > part of.
    > Good luck and keep us posted.