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Re: Will these two birds get along???/ Dear Shirley

Posted by Pamela on 4/01/07
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    I have tried to many times to count to get mine to eat pellets. They give me
    the same response, Stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Since my Avain vet has
    always told me how wonderful their feathers look and healthy they are I am not
    trying to change it any longer. All of ours eat everything we do in moderation
    and are all very health. Our Nape just got his nails done about 2 weeks ago and
    weigth in at a health 1.7 lbs. He is very big for a Nape in the first place.
    He is very muscluar from play fighting with my husband all the time. And muscle
    weight more than fat. My vet says keep up the good work, he's in excellent