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Re: Need help with seed moths

Posted by Rose on 3/10/07
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    On 3/10/07, Rose wrote:
    > On 3/06/07, Leslie wrote:
    >> You can by seed moth traps, I think they are under 5 $.
    >> They are sticky tape tents that have a little rubber thing
    >> inside that gives off pheromones. These pheromones attract
    >> and trap the males (or maybe the famales, cant remember), so
    >> that the other sex can not breed and they die without having
    >> offspring.
    >> Be sure to also check the folds in the packaging of the
    >> products you buy. The folds in the bottom corners of stand
    >> up bags are perfect hidding spots for the larvae.
    >> You can also store your excess food in the freezer in weekly
    >> portions in well sealed packaging, and pull out of the
    >> freezer as needed. Do not keep it all together and pull
    >> in/out of freezer as this can creat condensation (going from
    >> room temp to cold) that can cause your food to spoil.
    >> Good Luck.
    >> Someone else will probably be able to help you more. I
    >> myself have been lucky enough to never have this problem, I
    >> don't have much "how to" info on it.
    Leslie's advice is right on. Buy about 6 moth traps and put
    them all over the house, in cupboards, next to bird cages,
    bedrooms and replace them as they become full of moths. Keeping
    the food in the freezer is a must. The eggs come in the seeds
    and if they aren't frozen, the eggs hatch in the warmth of room
    temp and you have a bowlful of bugs. I had a terrible
    infestation of these things and it took a few months using the
    above methods, but it totally eliminated the problem. I still
    keep the seeds in the freezer to avoid them starting up again.
    I also make sure I buy seed from a pet supply company that has
    very fresh products. I gave up on stores because when I would
    fill a bag up and flatten it out to check it, the seeds would
    start flipping over by themselves, indicating the bugs were
    hiding in there. Good luck.