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Re: Help my bird is sick

Posted by Kel on 3/30/07
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    On 3/29/07, Big Mikey wrote:
    > My young parakeet... something is wrong. His right foot is
    > all swelled up and turned black, looks very painful. I
    > cant afford a vet right now, does anyone have any advise?
    > Please help.

    Honestly Big Mikey I'm not sure why people get pets if they
    can't afford to take care of them. I'm not being mean or
    picking on you, its just if you have an urgent problem such
    as this, I wouldn't wait for someone to maybe respond to you
    on a bird board I would rush him to an AVIAN vet. This is
    the consequence of being a bird owner. Birds health will
    decline very rapidly if there is a problem with him/her. Its
    a cruel thing to do to a sick animal, not be able to get it
    help. I had to spend 2 1/2 hrs on Christmas Eve at a pet
    hospital with my new Bourke Parakeet b/c she flew (her wings
    were also clipped) into a wall and chipped her cere and was
    bleeding. This cost me $200. Not what I wanted to spend
    after being broke due to xmas but you do it for the welfare
    of your pet. I hope you will rethink and take your pet in
    for a checkup.