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Post: Wing Clipping

Posted by JoAnn on 4/02/07

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    This post is in "Memory of Sunny" who accidently took
    flight during the time someone was coming in our door. We
    tried several hours to get Sunny back, even to climbing
    trees. He tried so hard to get to us and we to him.
    But....sadly enough an owl got him first. We tried until
    after dark to get Sunny back and home with us. He is so
    missed, we now have an Umbrella Cockatoo and his wings WILL
    be clipped, because we love and want to protect him, just
    as we do our dog "Duchess", our four cats, and two African
    Parakeets. To each his own, for me I want nothing more
    than to protect my "babies". We miss and love you "Sunny"
    This one's for YOU dear one you are sadly missed.

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