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Re: I CLIP!!

Posted by Lora on 4/02/07
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    First off, i am so sorry for loss. Funny you start up this
    discussion again, yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day
    here in the White Mountains of NH. I was working outside on
    a dog pen with my husband and had one of macaws Ruby outside
    with me. She was hanging out enjoying a nice sunny day, I
    went up to her asked her to step up, she stepped up on my
    arm, then without warning just took flight, the breeze
    really helped her, our home is on the top of hill, about
    300ft from the road, I started running and screaming for my
    husband to get the car (figuring if she got past the house
    across the road there was A LOT of open field) she flew
    beautifully, so high up, then between the wires (electrical
    etc) and to the right of my neighbors house and then left
    coming out from behind it and landed in a tree. My husband
    got to the nieghbors just before me, was yelling for them
    (thank goodness he has known them for 20+ yrs) I rushed past
    him, thru a fence, then another one and into the one of the
    horses pens, there was my beautiful green winged macaw up in
    some type of maple tree. I called to her and she tried to
    climb down but couldn't. My nieghbor got his alumunium
    ladder and up I went. I was scared, the branch I was
    leaning against wasn't that big and I am not that small.
    She tried to come to me but the tiny branches were picking
    at her. I finally was handed a broom and pushed her and she
    glided to the ground, I scrabbled down the ladder, missing a
    rung and almost falling. Started talking to her as I
    approached her. Scooped her up and asked for a pair of
    scissors!! I sat on the edge of thier porch, clipped her
    wings and she snuggled against my chest and talked to me. I
    am sure she was saying "OMG, what happened?" "you wouldn't
    have believed it it was so freakin......Thats when my
    neighbor told us that after he back inside to put on his
    boots (after going outside to see what Doug was yeling
    about) the neighbor to his left called to say there was a
    huge parrot in his tree! She was there maybe 1 minute!!
    Talk about nieghbors knowing everything that goes on in your
    After everything was over I could panic and cry. I will
    never ever bring one of my birds outside again without
    checking their wings period!
    I now know how absolutely beautiful they are in flight, I
    do, however, prefer to see ALL my bird GLIDE to the ground!!